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Anyone know where I can get lactose free Quark?
October 2, 2007, 3:18 pm
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My daughter has spent most of the Summer in Berlin and has found that she is able to purchase soya/lactose free products much more easily than she can at home and also that they are much cheaper than here in the UK.   Why is it that if you book a flight from Europe it is much cheaper than booking from the UK and if you have to buy gluten/dairy/lactose free products they are cheaper and much more readily available.   In Berlin she was able to purchase various sheep’s cheese, lactose free Quark (which we do not seem to be able to source here, it all contains lactose) and chocolate that she can use for cooking, all from the local supermarket.   I know some supermarkets here are beginning to realise the potential market in ‘free from’ goods but if you do not live near one of these then it is near on impossible to buy these foods and also they have such restricted ranges.    It has taken my local Sainsbury store about 5 years to actually realise that Swedish Glace Dairy Free Ice Cream actually comes in flavours other than vanilla.    When I asked why they didn’t stock the other flavours I was told that ‘there wasn’t a market for it ’, well of course there isn’t a market if you don’t stock it.    Obviously the penny dropped because they are now daring enough to actually stock chocolate and strawberry! Ella has had no formal cookery training other than watching me cook at home but I am glad to say that she is now a very good cook and has no trouble adapting recipes.   She is adept at making scrumptious cakes – especially chocolate sponge.    She makes a mean cheesecake too, they never last long.   So if anyone out there knows where we can get lactose free Quark, please leave a comment and let me know.


The Allotment
August 31, 2007, 3:01 pm
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Well we have had the allotment for about 3 months now and it is great as we have had a huge crop of courgettes, have loads of squash and pumpkins coming, carrots, beetroot and winter cabbage.  It is just so nice to be able to eat fresh food knowing where it has come from.   I’m sure, from the comments, our friends think we are nerds for doing this but secretly they are jealous and wish they had one too.   We have done the hard work and are now reaping the rewards, rock on.


Thieves strike again.
July 30, 2007, 10:27 am
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When I first started writing this blog, many months ago, one of my posts was entitled ‘thieves are scum’ and once again my family have been affected.    Yesterday my husband went down to his Rugby Club to help out with some painting and redecorating – helping out voluntarily and doing his bit.   He changed into his painting gear and left his jeans in the changing room for at the most 20 mins, during which time some b**stard went through his pockets and stole his wallet + £90, his watch, his blackberry and his car keys.   They then went out into the car park and stole our mini.     My husband is gutted, not only at the fact that he has lost the above items but the fact that it happened at the Rugby Club and at the loss of his watch and his wallet, not because of the monetary value but because of the fact that both were presents and had sentimental value. What should have been a happy family day for us yesterday turned into a nightmare of frustration, giving statements to the Police, cancelling credit cards and phones etc., etc.  It makes me sick that somebody has just walked in and helped themselves to property that has been bought and paid for with hard work on our part.     These scum just do not care, they take the view that people have ‘insurance’.   Yes we have insurance, we are lucky in that respect but we will pay again for it in the long run when our premiums go up yet again.    It is the unfairness of it all and the fact that even if they catch this person they will probably only get a slap on the wrist.    The first car we had stolen – oh yes it has happened before – was taken by a man who 2 hours earlier that day had been given a slap on the wrist for TWOC (taking without the owner’s consent).  He obviously stuck two fingers up at the Court because he then went out and perpetrated the same crime 2 hours later but this time not only did he steal my car but he wrecked someone’s life by smashing into them and injuring them quite badly.   The Police would not let me into the cell he was being held in – I wonder why – but they were totally disillusioned with our justice system and said that he should have been given a  harsher sentence the first time.   With prisons being full to capacity we stand no chance of justice and once again the criminals in this country will win again. So once again I am back in that place of frustration and despair at our Criminal Justice System – or lack of it should I say – and am fed up.

We have an allotment – at last
July 19, 2007, 11:24 am
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After quite a wrangle with the Parish Council we have got an allotment, only half a plot at present but as that was waist high in weeds, grass, nettles etc., so it took a concerted effort to actually get the thing dug over.    We found the delights of yards of black plastic that had, one assumes, been put over the plot for a reason but as the plot hadn’t been tended for years had started to degrade and therefore took ages to pull out.    It is amazing what a sense of achievement is felt when we look at the plot now, all nicely dug over and with a crop of courgettes/squashes going great guns, a row of Sweat Peas which  are growing, albeit slowly and various salad veggies that Andy has planted.     We had two courgettes the other day and they tasted so good, nothing like the usual supermarket rubbish that we have been putting up with.    We were also given some new potatoes and carrots from two very nice chaps who have allotments and the difference in taste is amazing.     It took me back to my childhood when all the veg we ate was provided by my grandfather, a landscape gardener by trade, who had a huge allotment and also to my first years of married life.   Andy and I had a cottage with a 120 ft garden. Neither of us had any idea about growing veggies really but Andy set to and all the time we lived at the cottage he provided all the veggies we needed.   Of course we then had to move when the cottage was no longer big enough to house our expanding family and the next two houses did not have gardens big enough to grow anything. So, here we are back to just me and my lovely husband and a plot of ground.    It’s funny how things go in circles and for once this has come round in a good way and I can’t wait to harvest our goodies.    ADF  

Pictures of Stonehenge
June 30, 2007, 5:40 pm
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If you want to sample the delights of the Solstice 2007 google Solstice 2007 bbc wiltshire photos.

Stonehenge and all that
June 27, 2007, 3:13 pm
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Well, we are now back from our hols and even though it was only a short break, it was worthwhile.

We started off on Wednesday evening (20th), packed the car and off we went to Stonehenge to see in the Solstice – along with 20,000 other nutters – and it was soooo good. If you love people watching this is the place to be, there was such a cross section of people there, you had your normal bods, foreign tourists, families, students, ageing hippies, new hippies and of course the Druids, mustn’t forget them. I have to say one of my favourite sights was the bloke who had pointy ears like Mr. Spock. It was also really nice being ‘high fived’ by a stranger who just wanted to be friendly, why can’t people always get on like this, it’s not that hard if we all try!

We managed to get right inside the inner circle of the rings and waited and watched for the sun to rise. It was a real crush and one lady was shouting tributes to “Willy Hall’ or Wally Holt or someone whilst blowing a horn. The bongo drums played and everyone waited expectantly. All of a sudden the drums beat faster and there was shouting and cheering as the sun eventually appeared, it was a bit half hearted and only peeped out for about 2 minutes but nobody seemed to mind, everyone was having a good time, there was no agro and it was just so nice to be there. It sounds really corny but there is definitely something mystical about that place and you really get caught up in it.

If you get a chance to do this go for it, it is such a nice experience, even more so because it was so good natured and it is free. The parking is extremely well organised and everyone is happy so just go for it.

I can now tick that off the list of things to do before I die – that’s not to say I won’t do it again – and move on to the next thing.

We then went to Bath and W.Wales for the rest of our break and luckily we found some sunshine most days. We walked the coastal path between Abaraeron and New Quay which seemed like a good idea at the time, 7 miles later I was so glad to have arrived and had to tell Andy that there was no way I was walking the same way back, it was going to have to be a bus or taxi. It was a fabulous walk but not an easy one, up hill and down dale, across streams etc., but hard work and not for the faint hearted.

Anyway, home again now and work beckons so we now have to plan for our trip to the S. France/N. Spain in September when we want to go and watch some of the Rugby World Cup, can’t wait.


The ADF will be away on her hols for a week.
June 19, 2007, 1:15 pm
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Hurrah, I am off on my hols for a week.

 My husband and I – oooh how grand –  are commencing our holiday with a visit to Stonehenge to welcome in the Summer Solstice and then we are off to Bath for the day and then onwards for a few days at Aberaeron to sample the delights of the Harbour Master Hotel.   Hopefully it will be lovely even though the forecast is glum.   Do we care, no not a bit, it beats work any day.

Ta ra for now.