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Got the BA, got the MA,can’t get a job!!!
March 3, 2009, 10:58 am
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This credit crunch is a nightmare, my son was made redundant before Christmas and Ella graduated from the Royal College of Art last August having gained her Masters and since then she has only been able to get bits of freelance work and is supplementing this by working for minimum wage in a bar.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with working in a bar but when you have worked so hard to gain qualifications and knowledge it is very galling not to be able to use it.    

As for Recruitment Agencies, it would be nice if they actually read the CVs they were sent rather than send inane emails in response to a job application along the lines of “you do not meet the criteria” or some such twaddle or, even worse, tell you, you are not even being considered because you haven’t worked for the last two years!   No of course she hasn’t worked for the last two years (although she has done some freelance work whilst studying) because she has been gaining her Masters – can you see the smoke coming out of my ears.    

Anyway, I digress, Sam has managed to get another job thank goodness but Ella is now thinking trying to do her other dream job …. she wants to open a shop selling dairy free cakes etc.    This would be lovely if it wasn’t for the crunch, how is she ever going to fund this.    Through necessity she has cultivated her baking skills and now makes the best chocolate brownies (all diary free of course) I have ever tasted.   

So if anyone out there has a job for either a textile print/graphic designer or wants to buy some cakes, just let me know.


PS:     In reference to my email to the Daily Mail Editor regarding the crass comments about ‘Dairy Free Chocolates for Faddy Eaters’ I never did get a reply….bad form I say.


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I thought you might like to know that we’ve got some great news for the run up to Christmas – our delicious Trufree mince pies are back (wheat and gluten-free)! They’re available now in ASDA, Holland & Barratt, Dunnes in Ireland and online via goodness direct.

We’re keen to get some feedback from you and your readers, so if you could post the news on your blog that would be great.

Looking forward to hearing what you think.



Comment by Holly Jones

Hi Holly,
Thanks for the info on your gluten/wheat free mince pies, I will certainly pass this on to my sister who has coeliac’s disease and friends etc and will make a note on my blog. Does the pastry have butter in or is it suitable for non-dairy eaters?

Comment by Antidairyfairy

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Comment by alainaroberson9975

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