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Not happy with The One Show
January 28, 2009, 4:57 pm
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Today I watched last night’s episode of The One Show, I normally watch this in the evening but yesterday happened to be out when it was on.   I was informed by my son that I should watch it on I Player and did so this morning….  I have to say I am, as usual, disappointed with the BBC because it was such a one sided look at intolerances and allergies and I also felt there was a distinct lack of understanding of how people with a genuine allergy have to cope.   It is so easy if you are lucky enough to be able to eat and drink anything and everything that it is difficult to comprehend just how difficult life can be for anyone with an allergy, be it nuts, dairy, wheat etc.    

I am not going to bang on about these difficulties as anyone who is the least bit interested only has to read previous posts on this blog to get the drift, but I do think the BBC should present a programme explaining the difficulties of living with an allergy thereby giving all those people who sat and watched the programme last night and were tearing their hair out in frustration at the way it was presented, a chance to put their side of the story.   I would also like the presenters to try living the life, for one week, of someone who has an allergy and see for themselves that it is not easy and not to be sneered at.

It will never happen though, will it?


PS:   I did register my disgust on The One Show’s blog!


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Hear-hear! Just got one thing to say to the Beeb re allergies……NUTS !

Comment by moley

I love your site! 🙂

Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

Comment by Michael Tim

Thankyou, glad to hear it.

Comment by antidairyfairy

Living with an allergy is very difficult, that’s why a distinct lack of understanding on how people with a genuine allergy have to cope is really a problem. I hope the One Show’s know what they’re doing.


Comment by Allergy doctor

I agree with you Michael, I love your site too!


Comment by pediatric ENT

Hi, just found you’re post and wondered if you saw this coverage of food allergies and intolerances on the BBC I didn’t see the coverage on The One Show but I hope this is a little more sympathetic and at least gets the issue discussed in the media! I was checking out your blog because I work for, which is an online eating out guide for people with food allergies and intolerances. Our site is brand new, and we’re looking for people like yourself to help us out with restaurant reviews and by telling us where they can eat out safely. We understand how difficult it can be in your daily life and would love to get lots of people involved in It would be great to hear what you think? Kate

Comment by katesiddiqui

Hi Kate,

I would be very glad to help out with your site, I don’t mind giving you reviews of the restaurants we use and which supermarkets are sympathetic and which aren’t….. as you will probably have seen from my previous comments. I haven’t seen the post you refer to but will certainly be having a look at it, it couldn’t be any more damning than the One Show …. could it! If you want to contact me regarding reviews please feel free to use my personal email – – a bit of a mouthful I know. Looking forward to hearing from you. ADF

Comment by Antidairyfairy

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