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Chocolate & Ginger Cornflake Bars
November 19, 2008, 12:29 pm
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This recipe has been adapted from one I read yesterday in a Morrisons Magazine :-

125g pure or other dairy free spread

100g clear honey

1/2 tsp ground ginger

150g dairy free chocolate (grated)

50 g mix of seeds

75g no-soak dried apricots finely chopped

25g glace ginger pieces

75g cornflakes

50g rice crispies

Place the Pure, honey and ground ginger in a pan and heat together gently until dissolved.

Remove from heat and stir in grated chocolate, seed mix, apricots, ginger, cornflakes and rice crispies and mix together.   

Press into a 20cm x 30cm cake tin lined with baking paper.

Allow to cool and chill for 1 hour.

Cut into 12 bars and devour.



A long overdue update …
November 18, 2008, 10:12 am
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I have been very lapse in updating this blog and this weekend was reminded of how a random comment/description in a publication can fuel the perception that allergies/intolerances are just people being ‘picky foodies’.   A comment of this nature was published in the You Magazine over the weekend and I saw red, so I fired off an email expressing my disgust.

I could not find the Editor’s email so instead sent it via Sarah Stacey who writes a Health Notes column, one which I find extremely useful.   Well, Sarah got straight back to me and has been very helpful, so my thanks go to her for replying straight away, being understanding about my email and giving me the nudge to update this blog.    Sarah’s column has some great tips so is a ‘must read’ for anyone with allergies etc.  

She asked me for some tips on foods that Ella can eat and so I requested the same from Ella and this is what she sent me :-

– Wensledale sheeps cheese – available from Waitrose
– Roquefort
– Buffalo mozzerella
PLEASE NOTE : I can tolerate a very, very small amount of sheep’s cheese or buffalo mozzarella occasionally, like once every couple of months but this is also becoming a problem.
– Dietary Specials chocolate cake mix from Sainsburys 
– Dairy free chocolate buttons/bars from Sainsbury’s Free From range.
– Sweet William dairy free chocolate spread – Sainsburys.
– Alpro and Provomel products.
– Choc chip cookies from Sainsburys in the rectangular box (which are 
  from the free from section).
– Starbucks now do a dairy free brownie and orange (or lemon i can’t  remember) cake in selected stores
– Golden Korma Safe to Eat dairy free/gluten free/nut free/wheat free/additive free & egg free curry sauce – Sainsburys free from section.
– Lolyd Grossman’s Thai Green curry sauce
– Sainsbury’s  Thai yellow sauce in the black plastic sachet.
– Napolina Pizza bases – 2 in a box
– Grano Vita Soja cream
– Alpro soya cream – they do a small size which is ideal.
– Pure margarine
– McVites light digestives
– Farm Foods fruity/curranty biscuits (usually on offer of 5pks for £1 – bargain).
– Sainsbury’s puff pastry coz that was yum!
– Doves farm organic biscuits – Sainsburys/Waitrose
– Some of ‘Mrs Crimbles’ biscuits – supermarkets and some other stores
– Swedish Glace icecream in various flavours i.e. chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, blueberry.
– Pasta & Curry sauces, hand made at Blueberry House, Pastures Farm, NN7 1HL available at Farmers’ markets in and around Bedfordshire.
–  Meringue cases (to stave off cravings for puddings).

Favourite restaurants: – 

Wagamama – they do sorbets and fruit lollies which means I can actually have a pudding.   They also do two different types of noodle, rice and wheat so are ideal for coeliacs too.

Smiths of Smithfield (Faringdon, London) – the staff are absolutely great and make sure all dietary requirements are met without any fuss and offer suggestions to help out, as well as being top nosh.

The above were just the foods that Ella could roll off without thinking as they form her staple diet, hope they help.
I also asked Sarah to request that the person who penned  ‘ideal for picky eaters’, who I assume  is lucky enough not to have any allergies/intolerances, should try to imagine what it is like on Christmas Day not being able to eat normal everyday shop bought mince pies, Christmas pud, Christmas cake, chocolate fancies off the tree, CHOCOLATES which are everywhere etc., etc.   Maybe then it will be easier to understand how hard it is sitting there and watching everyone else tuck in!

It is that time of year again when everywhere is inundated with chocolate so if, on my travels, I find some dairy free goodies I will be posting details on this site.    If you have a good Health Shop in your area they normally stock dairy free chocolates but be warned they are expensive or just google dairy free chocolates and you can take your pick.   I did have a lovely lady from America who gave details of dairy free chocolate, unfortunately she didn’t realise I was in England and on the site she recommended it did warn that the chocolate may melt in transit – such a shame as the chocolates sound lovely!    

Bye for now