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Anyone know where I can get lactose free Quark?
October 2, 2007, 3:18 pm
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My daughter has spent most of the Summer in Berlin and has found that she is able to purchase soya/lactose free products much more easily than she can at home and also that they are much cheaper than here in the UK.   Why is it that if you book a flight from Europe it is much cheaper than booking from the UK and if you have to buy gluten/dairy/lactose free products they are cheaper and much more readily available.   In Berlin she was able to purchase various sheep’s cheese, lactose free Quark (which we do not seem to be able to source here, it all contains lactose) and chocolate that she can use for cooking, all from the local supermarket.   I know some supermarkets here are beginning to realise the potential market in ‘free from’ goods but if you do not live near one of these then it is near on impossible to buy these foods and also they have such restricted ranges.    It has taken my local Sainsbury store about 5 years to actually realise that Swedish Glace Dairy Free Ice Cream actually comes in flavours other than vanilla.    When I asked why they didn’t stock the other flavours I was told that ‘there wasn’t a market for it ’, well of course there isn’t a market if you don’t stock it.    Obviously the penny dropped because they are now daring enough to actually stock chocolate and strawberry! Ella has had no formal cookery training other than watching me cook at home but I am glad to say that she is now a very good cook and has no trouble adapting recipes.   She is adept at making scrumptious cakes – especially chocolate sponge.    She makes a mean cheesecake too, they never last long.   So if anyone out there knows where we can get lactose free Quark, please leave a comment and let me know.