The Anti Dairy Fairy

Time to think…
April 19, 2007, 1:31 pm
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stopwatch.jpgThings have been hectic lately and so blogging has been way down on my list but I now find myself in a situation where one of my freelance contracts has only 5 days to go and I have to say I am not sorry. I went back to work for one of my old Colleagues (a Solicitor) to get him out of a hole he had dug for himself, on the understanding it would be for a few weeks at most. He did try and get me to go back permanently but there was no way I wanted that, yet eighteen months down the line I am still there and now I want out. I have worked in offices for 30 years and if truth be told, have disliked every minute of it as it was not what I would have chosen for myself and I now think that it is time to do something I want to do.

Anyway, in 5 days time I will be free of one commitment that means I regain 3 days per week to do whatever I want and I think for once in my life I am actually going to do that. I want to learn to fuse glass, I want to actually read a book without my eyes being too tired due to all the paperwork I read at work, I want to try out lots of new recipes and even get down to writing them down in a diary that Pub provided me with for that specific purpose. All in all I am looking forward to it and will worry about the finances later, so I know I have been neglecting my ADF bit for a while, hopefully I will be back in force. Roll on the end of April, yippeee.