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Tea at The Ritz
March 26, 2007, 8:01 am
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p01.jpgOn Friday my sister-in-law and I belatedly celebrated our birthdays with Tea at The Ritz, and it was so civilised and refined. It is something I have long heard people talk about so we decided that we should give it a go.

Anyone who has ever ready my blog will know my views on birthdays in December, and for my sister in law and myself our birthdays are now overshadowed by memories of loved ones lost on what should be our special day, so we decided to celebrate at a later date.

The Ritz Hotel is quite lovely in itself and I have to say the staff were very helpful and didn’t make me feel out of place, although anyone watching Hotel Babylon on TV will probably never ever feel intimidated by hotel staff ever again!
The food: well lots and lots of tantalising dainty cakes, sandwiches with no crusts and yummy fillings and, of course, scones with cream and jam. Oooh the diet went flying out of the window and I enjoyed every morsel. The brilliant thing is that as soon as you finish something, they come along and fill it up again. How very naughty!

We thoroughly enjoyed it and felt that we had celebrated our birthdays in style.Try it, you will like it.


I did ask if they catered for dairy allergies and am delighted to say THEY DO, hurrah.


Alpro rocks
March 12, 2007, 9:42 am
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gold-star.jpgWell if I was impressed with Alpro before I am now mega impressed as, true to her word, the Marketing Manager of Alpro Uk sent me a goody pack and some recipe books, both of which I really appreciate.

As stated in my previous post, I had a very nice conversation with her regarding the difficulties of being dairy intolerant/allergic and it is great to know that they are listening to their customers.

The recipe books they sent me are appreciated and I will be trying them out and will post my views, as anything that expands on what can be a limited diet is very welcome.

If anyone else has views that Alpro would appreciate then contact them on or ring their customer services on 0800 0 188 180. I have to say that of all the companies that I have contacted Alpro come out on top, not only are they happy to listen but they are actively looking into new formats and opportunities so if you have an idea/comment let them know.


One up for Alpro..
March 6, 2007, 5:02 pm
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Imagine my surprise today when I received a call, whilst at work, from the Marketing Manager from Alpro. Have to say that she totally impressed me by tracking me down at the office so we were off to a good start.

She thanked me for my letters and then went on to explain Alpro’s difficulties in manufacturing small cartons as they like to produce all their products in house but do not have the manufacturing facilities – YET – as the cost is massive. They are looking into this and have taken on board all my comments and comments from other customers so all is not lost.

It would seem that if the demand is proven to be there then perhaps the cost of producing small cartons would become viable, so it is up to all of you out there who want this facility to get on to the supermarkets and make them sit up and listen.

She also informed me that a small carton, very reasonably priced, can be purchased from Health Food shops such as Holland & Barrett but unfortunately these cartons are not re-sealable but they are handbag size which is great. I have never seen them but I will be looking for them now that I know they are available.

I cannot do this on my own so come on so let the voices of the masses be heard, stamp your feet the next time you are in a supermarket and the Produce Manager tells you “there is no demand”, go back at him and let him know there is, write letters and let your frustrations be heard. Every time I go in a supermarket I immediately check out their range of ‘free from’ foods and if it is rubbish – as is so often the case – I let them know it is rubbish and inform them that the demand is there and that they are missing out on a huge market. I think in my local Sainsburys store they see me coming and hide I have made such a point about their lack of choice but it has worked. In the last 6 months since I have been bending their ears there has been a huge growth in their range of free from foods. I am not accrediting this to myself but I must have helped a little bit.

I don’t quite go as far as the woman on the TV advert who throws herself on the floor and has a hissy fit but I have to say that there are times when I have felt just like doing that.

Anyway, getting back to Alpro I totally appreciate the fact that the Marketing Manager took the time and trouble of not only tracking me down but to listen to my views and explain their side of the story, so if you are reading this (as you said you had read my blog) THANK YOU.