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Pancake Day
February 18, 2007, 10:00 am
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pancakes.jpgPub reminded me that it is Pancake Day next Tuesday (20 Feb) and suggested I post a recipe for this. I had completely forgotten about Pancake Day, actually I thought I had missed it but of course it is the day before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. I never remember exactly when it is because the date always changes but, for future reference it is 6 1/2 weeks before Easter. The only confusion there of course is that Easter is never on the same date!

When my kids were at school here in the village they used to go down to the Witch’s hill and listen for the witch, I am not sure that in this PC world we live in today whether that tradition still stands and it will be a shame if it doesn’t because both my kids loved it.

They do still run a pancake race here although I have not seen it for years due to work commitments. The contestants have to be locals and they have to run round the green tossing their pancakes. There is a very famous race in Olney, which is not a million miles from here, where the participants have to be local housewives wearing an apron and hat or scarf and they have to run much further!

Anyway here goes with the recipe and a few suggestions for the fillings – traditionally all the fats and creams had to be used up before Lent so the pancakes were very naughty….

Basic pancake batter :-
4 oz plain flour
¼ level tsp salt
1 egg
½ pint soya milk

To cook

  • Heat a little oil in a frying pan until smoking point is reached
  • Pour off any surplus oil and then pour in sufficient batter to coat the base of the pan – the thickness of the pancake is up to you
  • Cook until golden brown and then TOSS the pancake – no being wussy and flipping it over with a spatchelor – and cook the other side

Fillings enjoyed by the Antidairyfairy mob :-

Traditional (lemon juice and sugar)
Swedish glace Soya Ice Cream – all flavours but the chocolate and raspberry are favourite, especially teamed with Sweet William Chocolate sauce
(Dairy free) Vanilla Ice Cream and golden syrup/maple syrup
Lemon, sultanas and sugar
Big dollops of (dairy free) chocolate spread

All of the above are extremely naughty but oh so nice.

Roll on Pancake Day!



Alpro – the next instalment…
February 15, 2007, 5:22 pm
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alpro.jpgAs you know, not so long ago I wrote to Alpro asking why they didn’t manufacture individual portions of soya milk along the lines of the UHT cartons available in food outlets. I expressed the fact that it would make life so much easier for anyone with a dairy allergy/intolerance in that they could pop a couple of cartons in their bag and then it wouldn’t matter where they were, they could get a cup of coffee/tea or whatever. Their response to my letter is below :

“Thank you for your enquiry regarding the availability of individual portion size alternative to dairy milk.

Unfortunately, this is not a product we are at present producing, however as the demand for soya products grow it is something we may consider in the future. Thank you for your suggestion, which we will pass onto our Production Team.

I hope you continue to enjoy the range of Alpro Products and if you have any questions or would line information on Alpro products please call….”

Yesterday Ella was at Paddington Station and rang me, highly delighted, to tell me that there was an Alpro dairyfree event/give away going on at the Station and that she had been able to get some milk (so good as she had run out) and other freebies. She also said that the carton of milk was exactly the right size to pop in her bag and take to College.
Now, my point is that Alpro obviously have the facility to manufacture these tiny cartons for their ‘give aways’ so why on earth don’t they capture the market and supply the shops with them.

I think another letter is about to wing its way to them.

PS: As they state the demand for soya is growing, one of Ella’s housemates has now found that she has a dairy intolerance – more and more people I meet or hear about have this problem so why can’t manufacturers make life easy – if it is a supply and demand matter, if they can supply it I know the demand is there.

Talk about insensitive..
February 9, 2007, 4:49 pm
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choco.jpgWent to Sainsburys this morning to do the usual weekly shop – yes, have foresaken Waitrose just for this week – and went to the ‘free from’ section where I noticed two large displays of chocolate on sale. How insensitive is that, I was absolutely flabbergasted so I grabbed one of the assistants and asked her to look at the section and see if she could spot the mistake. She looked and looked totally mystified so I informed her that I thought it was bad form to not only put chocolate, but sale price chocolate in front of a section for people who couldn’t eat it. I also informed her that it wasn’t the case that they didn’t like chocolate but that their systems just couldn’t tolerate it and that most people I know who are intolerant are former chocoholics and absolutely crave it. She did have the grace to apologise and said that she could totally see where I was coming from – which was a result in itself. Anyway, I politely asked her to inform her managers of my comments and request that they engage brain when setting out their sale products in future.

I think I must be their nemesis but blow it, a little bit of thought would be nice.

Yes, I will be returning to my favourite Waitrose next week, they do think about things.

Woooo hooo it’s snowing…
February 8, 2007, 2:46 pm
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snow.jpgWoke up this morning da dah da dah… pulled back the curtains dad ah da dah and yippee no work today as it’s snowing.. The village where I reside is on top of a mega steep hill and if you are lucky enough to make it out when it snows, there is no way you are going to get back. The last time it snowed it took me 2 ½ hours to travel 3 miles and then I had to abandon my MG in the next village. Never again, have found that MGs do not do snow!

Anyway, Andy did not go into work either and so he said “let’s go sledging”. My face must have been a picture and my first words were “don’t be daft” but then I thought ‘no, let’s go for it’ so we togged up and off we went down through the fields to Sandwich Hill. We had various comments from passers by e.g. ‘two big kids’ or ‘you haven’t even got kids with you’ which made us laugh all the more. We found our hill and we were off. Just picture in your mind two 50 somethings, two plastic sledges and a hill. Woooo hooo! Just shows how out of practice we are, it took us a bit of time to actually get the sledges going but then it all came back, just like riding a bike. We raced down the hill screeching and whooping, it was just great. Several goes later Andy decided that the sledges would go much better if we went head first. I chickened out on this one but oh yes, off he went whizzing down the hill. We are now just hoping that no-one had a camera! The funniest thing was when we decided to both go down on one sledge – it was never going to happen. We are just toooo heavy and the sledge said no.

Completely knackered by this time- I mean our normal day is spent in an office – we decided we would cut across the fields to my best friend Georgie’s house and surprise her. Well we loomed out of the deepest darkest depths of her garden (she does have an acre) and the look on her face was priceless. When she had stopped laughing at us she did provide tea and cake so it was worth it.

We eventually trudged back across the fields and through the village to home where Andy was highly delighted to find a case of wine had turned up – is his day going to get any better?

What better way to spend an unexpected day off?


Diets are so hard.
February 5, 2007, 4:46 pm
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tape.jpgHave been trying very hard for the last three weeks to lose weight, have cut out all goodies and have eaten so healthily SO WHY IS IT SO HARD. Having done all these things only to be told that I had put on half a pound last week – I don’t know how I didn’t kick the scales – I decided that I would try and walk the weight off. My husband and I (how grand) have now walked every path in our village, we go out each evening after work and before dinner and tramp our way round at a brisk pace. I have to say the first night was hell, it was so so cold and I am sooooo unfit that I got halfway round and thought I would faint. Needless to say my husband was fine and thought it highly amusing, that is until he realised that I really did feel horrid. I got home with an extremely ruddy face and it took ages for that to fade. I have persevered though and over the weekend we had two lovely walks to neighbouring villages which I thought was really good for me. I have to say I do feel much better for it but as for it having worked, well tomorrow night will tell…

We also went out with friends on Saturday to an Italian Restaurant that we like, big mistake, friends do not do diets, do not understand diets, do not have any intention of helping you with the diet. It was a nightmare with tiramisu and the like being shoved at me BUT I refrained, I had to sit on my hands to do this but I succeeded. Did I feel better and smug for being big enough to refuse, NO I didn’t I just felt deprived, but hey I will get rid of this weight if it kills me.

Am now off for my evening’s route march in the hope that tomorrow I will be able to go to WW with confidence – fat chance (excuse the pun).